Posted on October 26, 2021 in Meet the partners

Meet the partner: Agrotech Valley Forum

Founded in 2019, the “Agrotech Valley Forum” (AVF) is an association of scientific institutions, educational institutions, regional administrative authorities and companies in the agricultural and nutritional science sectors (companies including Amazone, CLAAS, Grimme, Krone).

It focuses on the agricultural system technology and its efficient integration into future food production value creation chains which are based on digital technologies. With a focus on agricultural systems engineering and its efficient integration into future value chains of food production based on digital technologies, the main specific tasks of the AVF are to promote specialist cooperation and research as well as to initiate, accompany and carry out research and development projects. Therefore, the association develops and promotes links between agricultural system technology companies and between companies and universities. To drive forward the timely transfer of technology and to promote innovative approaches, in particular where agricultural technology intersects with up-and down-stream sectors, the AVF also works in cooperation with other national and international expert associations and federations which represent the interests of the agricultural and nutritional science industries or related sciences.



he AVF and its international member companies are facing the worldwide rising standards for environmental protection, from which an immense pressure on the efficiency of agricultural production results. In reaction to that, ag-tech has become a highly digitized, high-technology branch involving powerful and expensive machinery. This further intensifies the pressure on farmers and contractors to care about effective and efficient processes with their capital-intensive property (both machinery and soil), meeting both economic and ecological constraints for a sustainable business model. In that situation, automatization, optimization and planning methods are natural choices, and they can build on existing high levels of digitization at modern farms and contractor



Role in the project: As one of the project’s industrial partners, AVF will contribute to the campaign planning use case and will work with the research partners to solve it by means of automated planning. Campaign planning deals with the coordination of different machines and resources in their joint farming process. In the particular use case of silage maize the harvesting of multiple fields in a given time frame and the storing of the maize in a silo need to be coordinated. 


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