Posted on December 1, 2022 in Open Call

Interview with Mauro Vallati for Simplifai

Simplifai Systems seeks an innovator for a planning use-case in open call #2 for innovators. We spoke with Prof. Vallati to learn more about this opportunity.

Mauro Vallati

Mauro Vallati is a Professor of AI at the University of Huddersfield, who collaborates with Simplifai Systems limited to design and develop AI-based urban traffic control systems.

For what specific problem are you seeking a solution?

Simplifai Systems has successfully applied AI Planning to the management of traffic lights in urban areas, and is now looking to expand the scope of the existing AI Planning-based methods to include the management of Connected Autonomous Vehicles as the management of planned or unplanned incidents in urban areas. 

This expansion presents a unique opportunity to apply AI Planning to a complex and multifaceted problem, involving contingent aspects and complex interactions between the infrastructure and the vehicles, with the potential of significant impact on the society and on the economy.


What would you like to realize with your partner from open call #2 for innovators? 

Simplifai Systems is looking to extend the capabilities of the patented AI Planning approach (patented in United Kingdom GB2110405.4,  China CN113924585, and United States US17422996), by including the management of Connected Autonomous Vehicles as part of the management of planned and unplanned incidents in urban areas.

The existing framework is based on hybrid continuous-discrete planning, that is triggered in response to unexpected traffic conditions. In this open call Simplifai System aims at including CAVs to exploiting the synergies between connected vehicles and traffic light optimization to generate traffic control strategies that are more effective in tackling congestion and delays. 

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