Posted on December 5, 2022 in Open Call

Interview with Enrique Martín (Navozyme)

Navozyme seeks an innovator for a planning use-case in open call #2 for innovators. We spoke with Enrique Martín to learn more about this opportunity.

Enrique Martín, (Product Manager at Navozyme)
Please briefly introduce yourself

Enrique Martín, Product Manager at Navozyme. I have a PhD in Civil Engineering and a Master in Shipping Business, with a focus on the innovation and digital transformation of port logistics and maritime transport and with more than 14 years of experience, combining research, consulting and innovation projects and digital products.

At Navozyme we develop digital solutions to facilitate data interchange among actors in the maritime space. Navozyme’s solutions reduce friction and simplify complex maritime certification processes such as Port Clearance and Marine Pollution, Bunker Scheduling, Ship Registry, and Seafarers Certification.

Navozyme’s use of deep technology and its work pioneering the world’s first blockchain initiatives has been recognised by many prestigious organizations and is supported by international maritime leaders in Singapore, Spain, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, and Germany.

For what specific problem are you seeking a solution?

Our use case focuses on optimizing bunkering operations. The process of a bunkering operation, the activity of supplying a ship with fuel oil, is a crucial, complex and frequent activity in ports all around the world.This important port activity involves coordination and planning amongst many port actors. However due to the volatile and always changing maritime environment the port actors do not have access to real updated information and this causes important delays in the operation. Moreover, the ‘first come, first served’ rule followed in most of the ports all over the world nowadays contributes to port congestion and GHG emissions.

The JIT Bunkering use-case proposes to suggest an optimized Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to upcoming vessels so they can arrive at port maintaining the optimal ship operating speed when the conditions in port ensure that they will receive the fuel, which would also help optimize the bunker schedule for the port.


What would you like to realize with your partner from open call #2 for innovators? 

Navozyme is developing N-Bunker, a digital platform to facilitate the data interchange between bunker actors and in this Open Call for innovators we are looking for a partner that can work with us to define, develop and integrate the AI planning engine with our platform to reduce the idle time of vessels and ensure that they receive the bunker upon arrival at port.

Are you interested in solving the use-case with Navozyme? Or into learning about other funded opportunities to contribute to AIPlan4EU?