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Meet the partner: Magazino

Magazino is a robotics company from Munich, Germany, mainly involved in the logistics and e-commerce sector. Magazino designs, develops and builds robots that work alongside people – autonomously, safely, and at a level of complexity that no one has reached before.

Magazino offers solutions for processes that could not previously be automated and creates intralogistics that are more flexible and efficient than ever before. 

AIPlan4Eu is seen by Magazino as a great occasion for bringing planning to real-world robotics applications in the logistics scenario. Through this project, Magazino plans on leveraging the planning techniques developed by the academic partners to improve the autonomy as well as the maintainability of the robots deployed in the field.

Specifically, at Magazino, each robot is given a prioritized list of jobs to perform, and each of them is associated with a hand-written plan, encoded using a behaviour tree formalism.

This solution has a few drawbacks: handwriting of the behaviour trees requires expert knowledge and brain power to be carried out without mistakes. This makes the writing of such plans tedious and its maintenance complex and error-prone. In this context, the use of planning techniques can be used to reduce the expertise and effort needed to design plans. Moreover, robots can use such techniques to perform action planning for the tasks assigned and for the recovery of unforeseen circumstances.


Role in the project: As one of the project’s industrial partners, Magazino in the first phase, will bring to the table concrete use cases for robotics in logistic scenarios. Such use cases are the basis for defining, in the AIPlan4EU consortium, the technology requirements needed to solve the presented real-world issues. In a second moment, will integrate the technologies developed in the project into the proprietary robots, to demonstrate the real-world application and impact that such a development has.


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