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Unified Planning Framework

The unified planning framework will allow you to formalize your planning problem in python and to use many different planning engines to solve it.

Planner Integrations

Connectors for different planning systems to plug them into the unified planning framework.

System demonstration at ICAPS 2022 conference

AIPlan4EU had a system demonstration accepted at the 32nd International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling.

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AIPlan4EU Introduction Video

Con un finanziamento complessivo di 5 milioni di euro, la Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in cordata con altri 15 partner internazionali, porterà il tema della “pianificazione automatica” all’interno della piattaforma AI4EU

AIPlan4EU 1st Open-Call Webinar

The video is the recording of a webinar we held to promote the project and the 1st open-call on May 7th 2021


AIPlan4EU Project Presentation Slides