Posted on August 9, 2021 in News

AIPlan4EU #1 Open Call for use-cases, the numbers are out!

The first AIPlan4EU use-case open call closed on the 12th of May with 17 finalized applications, from which 10 were considered eligible and 3 selected to move on to the next phase.

The 10 eligible applications to this first open call were from 5 different European countries. The ones with more representation were Turkey and Romania, but there were also applicants from Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Also the sectors from where they are coming from are diverse. There were multiple applications from the energy and agriculture sectors, but logistics, transports, healthcare and business development were also represented.


Who are the 3 use-case winners and what’s next for them?

The 3 selected use-cases are:
📌 An SME from Romania, with a solution in the energy sector, presenting an innovative energy storage system;
📌 A natural person from Spain, with a solution in the business development sector, presenting a way to guarantee wider access to better quality information, and
📌 An SME from the Netherlands, with a solution in the healthcare sector, presenting a better way to allocate and assign human resources.

Next, the use-case winners will receive €1500 to attend a workshop where they will further develop and specify their use-case in the context of AI Planning.
After this workshop, the use-case winners will also have the opportunity to be funded to support the use-case implementation foreseen in the future open calls.


Stay tuned

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