Posted on January 19, 2022 in Meet the partners

Meet the partner: Saipem

Saipem is an international player in the industry of energy and infrastructures, present in 72 countries worldwide and with more than 34,000 employees of 122 different nationalities.

It is organized into five business divisions: XSight, Drilling Onshore, Drilling Offshore, Engineering & Construction Onshore, and Engineering & Construction Offshore, which is the division involved in the AIPlan4EU project.

E&C Offshore operates in the following market areas:

  • Subsea fields development (e.g. ultra-deepwater; life of fields services)
  • Conventional fields development
  • Pipelines and trunk lines
  • Marine renewables (Offshore wind farms)
  • Decommissioning
  • Maintenance Modification Operations


Technology innovation has always been one of Saipem’s strongest strategic pillars over the last 60 years. Nowadays the Energy industry needs to sharply renew its focus in order to cope both with immediate and future challenges. Saipem puts itself in this framework to play its role as an innovative Global Solution Provider, by keeping innovation as the main pillar of its strategic plan.


Among the technological disruptive projects Saipem is developing the Hydrone platform: a family of innovative subsea vehicles, sharing technologies and solutions, designed to enable vessel free subsea interventions and Life Of Field Services; all the vehicles composing the platform family must have the capability to carry out autonomous missions. Within this picture, autonomous planning is a key technology to achieve the best performances.



Role in the project: As one of the project’s industrial partners, Saipem will contribute with Hydrone planning as a use-case for planning, also identifying the requirements on the planning engines and the software bridge that will link the planners to the hydrone itself. Saipem will also be involved in the development of the bridge and the evaluation of the integration. Particularly, Saipem will test the performance of a Hydrone family vehicle integrated with an autonomous planning engine.


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