Posted on June 29, 2022 in ICT-49, Webinar

Webinar: Discover AI Solutions & Support for Implementation

AIPlan4EU in co-operation with the other ICT49 projects: BonsAPPsDIH4AII-NERGY,  StairwAI and AI4Copernicus , is organising the webinar – Discover AI Solutions & Support for Implementation.

This event is supported by AI4Europe and by the European Digital SME Alliance.

👀  Focus: finding out how AI solutions can be applied across different sectors and what support is offered for the implementation of such AI solutions
🗓  When: 5 July 2022, 12h – 13h CEST

Join the ICT-49 webinar “Discover AI Solutions and Support for Implementation” on 5th July, 12h – 13h CEST to learn about:

  • What the AI-on-demand (AIoD) platform and the ICT-49 projects are
  • AI use cases across different sectors (Manufacturing, Security, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Mobility, the Public Sector)
  • How the ICT-49 projects can support you with the development and implementation of AI solutions
  • How Digital Innovation Hubs can support you
  • How to unlock the potential of AI, the key to adopting new technologies and getting your project off the ground