Posted on September 1, 2022 in Meet the partners

Meet the partner: Airbus

As a proven leader in the global aerospace sector, Airbus designs, produces and delivers innovative solutions with the aim to create a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

A commercial aircraft manufacturer, with Space and Defence as well as Helicopters Divisions, Airbus is the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe and a worldwide leader.  Airbus has built on its strong European heritage to become truly international – with roughly 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers globally. The company has aircraft and helicopter final assembly lines across Asia, Europe and the Americas, and has achieved a more than sixfold order book increase since 2000.

Innovation has always been a driving force at Airbus, which promotes cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence to contribute to global progress. Through its predecessor companies, Airbus pioneered many of the technologies that helped conquer the skies and are now part of everyday life. Airbus encourages its industry-leading experts to push their boundless imaginations, moving the company into the Industry 4.0 era and inventing new possibilities for the future of flight: from manned and unmanned vehicles for urban mobility to hybrid and electric propulsion systems for cleaner aviation.


Decision-making and planning technologies are ubiquitous in the Airbus business, from optimizing manufacturing and engineering processes to improving fleet operations management, including planning flight trajectories. Airbus has developed and open-sourced the scikit-decide library for bridging the gap between method providers and use case owners of automated planning, scheduling and reinforcement learning technologies. Airbus strongly relies on European networks for decision-making research, especially the AIPlan4EU project in which Airbus is participating. AIPlan4EU will contribute to providing cutting-edge and easily usable planning algorithms to solve some of Airbus AI planning problems, combined with scikit-decide model and algorithm bridges from Airbus.




Role in the project: As one of the project’s industrial partners, Airbus will contribute to the unified planning framework developed in AIPlan4EU, and implement a bridge that connects the framework with scikit-decide.

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