Posted on October 27, 2022 in Open Call

AIPlan4EU Open Call #3 for use cases – know the winners!

The third and last AIPlan4EU use-case open call closed on the 20th of September with 67 expressions of interest and 24 finalized applications. From those, 19 were considered eligible and 5 were selected to move on to the next phase.




The 19 eligible applications came from 11 different European countries (or H2020 associated countries): Germany, the UK, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Turkey. 


As for the sectors represented they were: Automated Experimentation, Energy, Search and Rescue Operations, Marine Industry, Information Security, Waste (Optimization), Healthcare, Agriculture, Space, Mobility, Cyber Security, Manufacturing, Public Procurement.




Who are the 5 use case winners and what’s next for them?


The 5 selected use cases are:

📌 iKnowHow (Greece) – Task and Motion Planning (TAMP) algorithm for the optimization of robot’s operation purposed for grass cutting, surveillance and monitoring. ARISTOS is a custom Autonomous Ground Vehicle performing grass cutting, surveillance and monitoring in an automated manner for preventive maintenance.

📌 Visign (Bulgaria) – iCommunication downlink strategy decision for mission nanosatellite. CommDown is an AI Planning approach to a particular problem of low-resource orbital missions (e. g. CubeSats).

📌 Navozyme Maritime Technologies (Spain) – Just-In-Time Bunkering Operations. The use case proposes eliminating the ‘First come, first served’ rule followed in port for bunkering in favour of Just-In-Time bunkering. 

📌 Applied Research Solutions (Romania) – Energy-aware Smart Planning for Flexible Assembly Line Systems. The use case aims to implement and test a planning and optimization layer on a flexible assembly line system in order to generate energy-aware control decisions and manufacturing operation subsequences.

📌 IWROBOTX (Turkey) – Autonomous Sea Cleaning and data collection boats route optimization.  Prevention of collisions for autonomous sea cleaning boats.


Next, the use-case winners will receive €1500 to attend a workshop where they will further develop and specify their use case in the context of AI Planning.

After this workshop, the use-case winners will also have the opportunity to be funded to support the use-case implementation foreseen in the future open call #2 for innovators. 


Stay tuned

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