Posted on May 30, 2023 in Open Call

AIPlan4EU Open Call #2 for Innovators, see the numbers

The second AIPlan4EU Open Call for Innovators closed on the 8th of February 2023 with 113 expressions of interest and 69 finalised applications, from which 58 were considered eligible and 14 were selected to move on to the next phase.



The 58 eligible applications to this second open call were from 23 different European countries (or H2020-associated countries).

The country with more representation was Italy, followed by Germany, France and Spain.

Also, the sectors from which they are coming from are diverse. There were multiple applications from the energy sector, but transports, rescue operations, marine, tourism, logistics and maintenance task planning are also represented.





Who are the 14 winners and what’s next for them?

The 14 selected winners, divided by tracks, are the following.


Track A
📌 A natural person from United Kindom, with “PDSim: Planning Domain Simulation “, a 3D visualization tool for plans based on Unity.

📌 A natural person from Spain, with “Integration of the NextFLAP planner in the Unified Planning Framework”, an integration of the NFLAP temporal planner.

📌 An organisation from Sweden, with “Symbolic Search for Diverse Plans and Maximum Utility”, an Integration of the SymK planner, supporting multiple plans (top-K), derived predicates, state-dependent action costs and over-subscription planning.

📌 A natural person from Italy, with “AIRoutePlan”, an Integration of the JSpirit vehicle routing problem solver.

📌 An organisation from Germany, with “A meta-planning engine for automatic parameter configuration”, that adds support for the automatic parameter configuration for planners.

📌 An organisation from Norway, with “U-TIPS – UPF/Timelines Integration using ParaSpace”, an Integration of the ParaSpace timeline-based planner.

📌 A natural person from Spain, with “Integration of a Generalized Planner in the Unified Planning Framework”, that adds support for generalized planning to the UP.


Track B
📌 An SME from Estonia, with the project “Hospitality employees’ automated planning (HEAP)”.

📌 A Startup from Turkey, with the project “Predictive Maintenance Driven Task Planning System”.


Track C
📌 An organisation from United Kindom, applying with the project “AI Planning for Integrated Urban Traffic Control”.

📌 An SME from France, applying with the project “AIPlan4Grid”.

📌 An organisation from Germany, applying with the project “Technology-Specific Bridge for Responding with AI-planning to Disasters”.

📌 An organisation from Spain, applying with the project “Just-In-Time Bunkering TSB”.

📌 An organisation from Greece, applying with the project “TANGO: Coverage Path Planning for Autonomous Ground Robots “.


The applicants will now receive funding and support to further develop their projects for a period of 6 months. 


Stay tuned

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