Posted on May 10, 2022 in Open Call

AIPlan4EU #2 Open Call for use-cases, the results!

The second AIPlan4EU use-case open call closed on the 10th of February with 37 finalized applications, from which 28 were considered eligible and 7 were selected to move on to the next phase.


The 28 eligible applications for this second open call were from 12 different European countries.

The ones with more representation were the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey and Italy, but there were also applicants from Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal and Romania. 

As for the sectors, the selected use-cases come from robotics and marine robotics, transportation, civil security, urban traffic control, energy and hospitality. But healthcare, manufacturing, education (ed-tech), smart buildings/cities sectors and others were also among the eligible applications.





Who are the 7 use-case winners and what’s next for them?


The 7 selected use cases are:

📌 REACTIVE (Italy) – responds to the need for rapid and safe environmental assessment of unknown coastal marine scenarios and/or areas needing more accurate assessment or rapidly evolving.

📌 MIFOOD (Spain) – installs robots on farms to increase the harvesting speed and energy efficiency, reducing harvesting labour cost by 50% and co2 emissions by 75%, and eliminating crop losses and rotten food.

📌 RO Mobility (Turkey) – with an ecosystem of applications (i.e., scheduling and planning) built around the provided autonomous behaviours, it would be possible to enable a Mobility-2.0 system for indoor transportation. 

📌 RAID (Germany) – rescue operations in disaster areas are highly complex. AI-planning can be a decision-making support to increase efficiency, enhance information processing capabilities and improve safety.

📌  AIPlan4UTC (UK) – exploiting AI Planning for enhancing current urban traffic control capabilities, based on traffic light optimisation, by routing and controlling connected autonomous vehicles.

📌 L2RPN with planning (France) – at a time of Energy Transition and Climate Change, AI-based assistants with planning capabilities are urgently needed for human operators to operate the grid with anticipation in this complex world.

📌 Aminess – Automated AI-Based Hotel Occupancy Forecasting and Staff Planning Solution (Croatia) – the AI-based app is built to predict future hotel occupancy and workforce requirements. The forecasts are mapped to staff schedules and used for optimized allocation of other hotel resources.

Next, the use-case winners will receive €1.500 to attend a workshop where they will further develop and specify their use-case in the context of AI Planning.

After this workshop, the use-case winners will also have the opportunity to be funded to support the use-case implementation foreseen in future open call #2 for innovators


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